Are we developing immunity against coronavirus?

Following the coronavirus infection, the formation of virus-specific antibodies, which means the development of immunity, is initiated. It is not yet clear whether the resulting immunity is protective or not.

While it is not yet known whether anyone with the disease develops protective immunity, it is still unclear how long protection will last.

corona virus
corona virus
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Healing was achieved by administering the plasma of people recovering from coronavirus infection to other patients. Antibodies begin to develop in patients 14 days after the onset of complaints.

However, antibody development is at a lower level in people who overcome the disease mildly. Moreover, it is not clear how long the antibodies formed will protect them from being sick again.

The protective antibody level decreases within months.

Very few people can become re-infected with a different new virus months after recovery. After the complaints are resolved and two consecutive PCR tests are negative, the RNA test can be positive again.

However, this situation usually does not indicate infection, disease does not occur again, and there is no contamination.

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