How To Fix Bow Legs Naturally Without Surgery

Bow legs, while not common, nevertheless still occur in people today. People who suffer from this condition may experience a range of debilitating effects, depending on its severity.

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While severe cases can entail a range of problems of their own, having the condition even in its mildest form can sometimes cause self-consciousness.

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This may happen during summer, especially, if you prefer dressing down in shorts or similar, but feel aware of how your legs might look.

Maybe you’ve noticed already- every human baby seems to have bow legs. This is a natural result of their being constricted in a fetal position within their mother’s womb without the ability to move around much.

Actually, moving around is also key to curing bow legs naturally, but not everyone realizes this.

In most cases, babies grow naturally out of having bow legs. This requires a proper diet enriched in vitamin D and adequate exercise.

In instances, however, the situation may go unattended and fail to resolve itself. In such cases, bow legs may persist into adulthood, and a person can end up living with bow legs throughout their life, potentially even developing arthritis due to joint damage.

Since bow legs can affect body posture, they can lead to damage in more than just the knee joints. Sometimes, it’s possible for your ankles, hips, shoulders or spinal vertebrae to also show signs and symptoms of damage.

Surgery isn’t necessary to cure bow legs- instead, you need to do the right exercises, including yoga and Pilates, while ensuring that you’re getting a wholesome diet and taking vitamin supplements.

Eating the right foods can be a powerful way to ensure that you’re getting all the building blocks necessary for your body to develop, which will allow your bow legs to straighten naturally.

Vitamin D and calcium are vital elements in proper bone development and joint function. As well as these nutrients, fatty acids that are commonly found in seeds and fish oil are vital for overall growth and tissue reconstruction.

Monitoring a child’s diet during their early years can be vital to improving bow legs. At the same time, it’s equally important for adults with bow legs to ensure they’re getting a balanced and healthy diet with all the necessary nutrients.

Some medical practitioners may recommend that you have your bow legs corrected through surgery. However, advancements in our medical understanding have allowed us to start treating and straightening bow legs effectively through nutrition and exercise alone.

If you start using your bow legs the in the ways that a person without the condition would, as often as you can, you’ll find that the condition will begin to correct itself. Of course, certain special exercises will also be necessary, but this is the first powerful step in an effective course of treatment.

Originally published at on June 14, 2020.

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