How To Hair Loss Control And Stop

Hair loss is a problem that both men and women can face at some time in their lives. The causes of hair loss in women are diverse, but almost all of the hair loss in men depends on genetic predisposition.

The No-Hype Approach to Stop Hair Loss and Permanently Re-Grow Your Hair

hair loss
hair loss


A healthy and adult individual has about 150,000 hairs. Loss of 80 to 120 strands of hair every day is considered normal. There are 3 main factors that affect hair loss in men.

Genetic predisposition
The male hormone testosterone

The reason for 90 percent of hair loss in men is genetic factor.

The male hormone testosterone is also an active hormone in the hair follicles. It creates other effects on the root of the hair hair. In some men, keratin found in the sheath of the hair follicles is more sensitive to testosterone and hair loss is more common in these men.

This frequency determines the male’s hereditary characteristics. In short, it is not true that men with more male hormones, which is a common belief in the society, have hair loss but are stronger sexually.

The reason for hair loss is not the excess of testosterone, only its presence and the sensitivity of the hair sheath to testosterone.

Aging is the most effective and natural form of hair loss in men. Human beings begin to age as soon as they are born. Hair cells also take their share of this natural process and become irreversibly damaged over time.

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Trichological approach to hair problems is increasingly common all over the world. According to this approach, hair problems can be prevented if they are supported and followed by a versatile help.

Trichology examines hair problems together with a person’s lifestyle, hereditary characteristics, eating and drinking habits, physical and mental health and of course hair care habits.

Preventing genetic hair loss and providing new hair growth is not yet possible with today’s scientific methods. Genetic hair loss, which often occurs between the ages of 16–40, can be controlled with oral or topically applied drugs or cosmetic products.

However, it should not be forgotten that not every product will show the same effect on everyone. Therefore, it is appropriate to examine the hair by a specialist and investigate the cause of the loss.

Thus, it may be possible to increase the amount of hair and prevent hair loss with painless and non-surgical methods without the need for hair transplantation.

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