The incredible benefits of drinking water

The incredible benefits of drinking water
The incredible benefits of drinking water
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What is our daily water need?

An adult, healthy person should drink two liters (about 8 glasses) of water a day. Although drinking water is the most beneficial liquid for the body, fruit juices, milk, soups and herbal teas without added sugar can also meet the daily fluid need.

A significant amount of water enters our body with fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Since sugary drinks reduce water absorption, they cannot fully replace water.

Coffee, tea and alcoholic substances, on the other hand, cause thirst as they increase water excretion from the body. A glass of tea and coffee is only equivalent to half a glass of water.

It also requires increasing the daily water intake in cases where body temperature rises or dehydration increases.

Therefore, in febrile diseases, diseases with diarrhea and vomiting, when drugs that increase water excretion from the body are used, more water should be drunk in proportion to the fluid lost. It is necessary to drink 50–75 ml more water per day for each degree increase in body temperature during fever.

How will we prevent dehydration in hot weather?

The remaining amount is lost in urine. If the water intake is insufficient, the person urinates sparse, small amount and dark colored urine. The light color of the urine is an indication that the body can absorb as much water as it needs.

On hot days or after intense exercise, sweating increases the body’s water loss. In proportion to the water lost, the daily amount of water to be drunk should be increased to three or even four liters.

Since the need for water will vary according to the environment and person, the amount of water to be drunk should be adjusted according to the feeling of thirst and the color of the urine.

Is drinking too much water harmful?

Even if more water is drunk than needed, it is not possible to expel the vital substances in the body. However, when excessive water is drunk for a long time, the water / salt balance of the body deteriorates and serious problems occur.

Because the hormone called vasopressin, which regulates the amount of water excreted in the urine, can be suppressed in those who drink excessively, a disease picture occurs. With excessive water intake, the salt in the cells comes out. Brain cells are affected the most and brain damage develops.

Slimming and water relationship

In addition, it is necessary to drink enough water every day to prevent constipation, to protect the moisture of the skin, to remove excess fat accumulated in the body and to prevent water accumulation in the body.

Drinking plenty of water by those who follow a slimming diet ensures that fats and other metabolism wastes are removed from the body and creates a feeling of satiety.

Sometimes we can confuse the feeling of thirst with the feeling of hunger, and we eat needlessly with a feeling that can actually be quenched by drinking water. Sipping water frequently throughout the day prevents such perception errors.

How should good water be?

  • Nitrite, ammonia should not be present. These indicate that the water is contaminated with organic matter.
  • Nitrate indicates that the pollution has increased to extreme levels. It is dangerous for these substances to be in drinking water. It is especially dangerous for children.
  • More than 200 milligrams of chloride in water can be considered a sign of contamination.

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