What should we pay attention to while dieting?

Suggestions for healthy weight loss easily! You want to go on a diet to get rid of your weight and have a healthier life, to look thinner or to wear the clothes you like to wear again, but after a few days you say goodbye to the diet you started on Monday. There is no trace of your determined attitude a few days ago, but why?

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Monday dietitians are people who decide to diet and start dieting, after a few days of dieting, have eating attacks and disrupt the diet, then feel regret and guilt and decide to diet again.There are two main reasons for these people to regret: They do not eat the right diet for themselves. or lack of dieting skills.

Watch out for “SHOCK” diets!

The most appetizing thing on earth is hunger. The hungry person constantly thinks about food and eats that food excessively when he has the opportunity. This applies to everyone. Fast weight loss, “shock” diets are very popular today.

People who want to lose weight and get in shape as soon as possible follow these diets. These diets leave the person hungry, so the appetite is very hungry, and in a short time, the person stops dieting and quickly returns to the old eating pattern and inevitably gains weight. Then she feels regret and starts dieting again and becomes a Monday dietician.

The right diet does not starve

The right diets are those that do not starve the person, do not skip meals and ensure regular eating. Individual diet is suitable for the taste and eating habits of the person, and are designed according to the preferences of the person in terms of ease of application.

In addition to the correct and personalized diet, the person should improve their dieting skills and become a Monday dietician prevents.

The ability to diet is essentially to think and act like weak people. You can see people with these skills around us; They eat everything they want and stay weak and have never had any problems with dieting. These skills are naturally present in these people. Some people have to learn and improve these skills. Some of these skills are:

Not eating with awareness

We mostly eat fast and without realizing what we are eating. However, the “you’re full” signal reaches our brains 20 minutes after we start eating. If our meal lasts for 5–10 minutes, we won’t feel full even though the food on our plate is finished. So we can get some more food. This causes us to eat more.

Prevention of emotional eating

If we eat to relieve a negative emotion (anger, sadness, boredom, etc.), we are more likely to overeat. Moreover, eating only removes the negative emotion in the short term, and in the long term, the guilt and regret of gaining weight push the person to eat emotionally again.


We often make excuses not to do sports; I’m tired, I don’t have time, it’s like I’m lazy. However, simply reducing the calories taken is not enough for losing weight in the long term, the calories spent should also be increased.

The ability to think like weak people

Thoughts guide human behavior. If we can think like people who are weak in eating and consuming calories, we can guide our dieting behaviors. One type of psychotherapy that will help you gain these skills is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy method that is widely used all over the world, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in terms of gaining dieting skills.

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