What to know about our heart health

The heart, which is of vital importance, plays a decisive role in maintaining a person’s life.

heart health
heart health

Factors such as consumption of tobacco products, high blood pressure, and improper nutrition are the biggest obstacles to the heart’s healthy beating. It is a fact that cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death worldwide.In Just Minutes A Day You Can Dramatically Boost Your Heart Health!

Our lifestyle and changing living conditions affect our hearts.

Behind such an increase in heart disease is our changing living conditions. Urban living standards, in particular, accelerate this process by forcing fast living, irregular eating and little movement.

As the number of heart patients on earth is steadily increasing, a serious beat is also observed in deaths due to heart conditions. At this stage, there is a very important point to remember.

It is in our hands to change the living conditions that affect heart health and turn it into serious diseases by removing it from a health problem.

A strong defense mechanism against heart disease can be developed with improvement and discipline in living conditions.

Things that cause heart disease

Sedentary lifestyle,
Smoking and alcohol consumption,
High cholesterol,
Low HDL, called good cholesterol, and high LDL bad cholesterol,
Uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes,
Eating disorders, obesity
A stressful life,
The body is involved in both physiologically and psychologically challenging occupations.
If you are experiencing these symptoms;
Pain felt in the chest,
Shortness of breath,
Swelling of the abdomen and legs due to edema and acid,
Fatigue and weakness,
Pains in the head and neck,
Indigestion and difficulty swallowing,
Dizziness and fainting,
Bruising seen in areas such as the skin, lips, tongue, and palate may be associated with heart disease.
Heart disease is more insidious in women

It shows dominant symptoms in men when it comes to heart disease. But these diseases are more insidious for women.

For this reason, serious reductions in recovery rates occur because most female patients notice insidious progressive symptoms late and consult a doctor later.

Men are more likely to complain of chest pain, while women are more general complaints such as fatigue, shortness of breath. For this reason, the rate of early detection is lower than that of men.

How to protect against heart disease

The way to fight heart disease and have a healthy heart is to establish a proper life order and make this order a routine of our lives.

For this reason, it is very important for both you and your heart to include the following tips in your life. These tips;

Eat a healthy diet. Because cholesterol and blood pressure, which are shown among the most important causes of heart disease, are controlled by a correct and healthy diet.

However, with a diet rich in fiber and fish, away from saturated fats, you can create a strong defense mechanism against heart disease.
Get rid of your excess weight as soon as possible.

The main issue here is to control weight problems, which are again one of the main causes of cholesterol and blood pressure. Being overweight also poses a risk for coronary heart disease, heart failure, and stroke.

Take the cigarette out of your life. By using cigarettes, you cause the heart vessels to clog and invite a heart attack. Moreover, smoking ranks first among preventable causes of death. So you can eliminate this risk by quitting smoking.
Sports are more important than you think! With changing living conditions, we have become much less mobile.

But you should know that lack of physical activity plays a very effective role in the formation of cardiovascular diseases.

For this reason, you must have an hour to devote to sports in your daily routine.

Stay away from stress. Stress makes your heart tired most of all. For this reason, remove issues that will upset you, lead you to stress and intense pressure from your life. If you can’t get it out, stay as far away as possible.

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